Bicycle route: 100 km between meadows, mountains, history and sweetness

A wonderful cycling itinerary is the one that from Piovene Rocchette (Vicenza) climbs up to the summit of the Asiago plateau. It crosses the seven municipalities and goes back down to Marostica and its beautiful square, where the game of chess comes to life every year. A truly “green” tour, as you cross lush woods and flowery meadows, you cycle between the peaks of the mountains to enjoy a gentle descent between perched villages that lead directly to the marvelous Marostica. And do not worry: even the climb is very gentle, even if 15 km long, a gradient of 7-8% is never exceeded. A total route of 100 km, therefore, suitable for everyone, even those who are moderately trained.

A small anecdote: I discovered this itinerary thanks to a globetrotting friend on a bicycle, Dino Lanzaretti, who was also “blocked” in Veneto by Covid 19 and decided to explore our territory and the mountains by sharing this wonderful adventure in the province of Vicenza . Thanks Dino, I hope to see you soon!


Length: 100 km

Difference in altitude: 1700 meters

Ascent: gentle and long, about 15 km at a gradient of 6% plus a few tears but without exceeding 10%

Descent: about 20 km of fun, always very gentle

Terrain: asphalt

Suitable for all moderately trained people (travel time about 5-6 hours)

The starting point of this wonderful tour to discover the Asiago plateau is Piovene Rocchette, where the new A31 Valdastico motorway ends. At the exit there is immediately a parking lot where you can leave the car, take out the bike and immediately get on the pedals. Because even though it is pleasant, there is a lot to do along the way: get ready.

From here continue along the Astico river, towards Meda, Velo D’Astico, Arsiero. The first 15 km are some ups and downs to prepare the legs for the big climb. Nothing difficult, very funny indeed! In fact, you skirt streams, valleys, rivers, picturesque towns and cross bridges and panoramic overpasses. There is a bit of a climb and a lot of descent: fly!

But be careful, because then a long and inexorable climb begins, which will give you no respite for over 15 km. The show is truly panoramic, passing through small stone villages nestled between the greenery and the cows; ride on bends overlooking the landscape, cross woods and meadows. The first breath can be taken in Rotzo, when this long climb ends and the ups and downs resume. This time, however, at over 1200 meters high, as you will reach Mezzaselva, one of the highest points on the plateau.

Right from here, the fun resumes! To reach Roana and Asiago you will cross overhanging bridges, mountain villages, coniferous forests, immense meadows. The colors and scents will conquer you, making you have fun on climbs and descents that will never last too long to be bored. Indeed, this stretch can be defined as a real adventure park. In fact, I recommend that you choose one of the many lawns for your packed lunch. You can perhaps opt for a walk along one of the many paths that will lead you to visit the remains of the First World War that was fought in these lands (the plateau of the Seven Municipalities was located along the front line).

Panoramic points of interest: the Roana bridge and the walk from the Campolongo refuge (to be done on foot or by mountain bike).

After passing through authentic wonders of nature, especially during the spring season when you can fully savor all the scents, the “godsend” begins! 20 km of descent through woods, paths, panoramic hairpin bends. A real treat, which does not require too much attention, since the slopes are never excessive. From Asiago pedal towards Campomezzavia towards Lusiana and then descend to Marostica.

Marostica is a true work of art: surrounded by walls, paved and historic; it is known all over the world for the game of chess that takes place with living characters in the town square. It is a real pearl surrounded by mountains, which is absolutely worth a visit. Not to mention that it is the city of cherries, excellent to eat in late spring.

From here, then, returning is very simple and equally panoramic, despite the fact that we are talking about the plain or in any case a slight climb. In fact, you cross the sweet vineyards of the Breganze area: if you have never tasted Torcolato, a sweet wine produced here, do it !; then get lost in the pedestrian paths that surround Thiene, dotted with flowers and plants, and finally return to Piovene Rocchette, exactly where you left your car.

An itinerary that will leave the sweet in your mouth: exactly that of the cherries of Marostica and Torcolato of Breganze 🙂

Written by Caterina Zanirato

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